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Acefast - Desktop Smartphone & Tablet Stand - Black

by Acefast

Premium quality desktop phone and tablet holder.


  1. Material: Plastic+Silicone+Hardware
  2. Size: 166*185*315-500mm (can be raised and lowered)
  3. Weight: 901g
  4. Applicable equipment: 4.7-12.9 inches (width 135-230mm, thickness <18mm)
  5. The angle of the chuck can be adjusted 360° up, down, left and right.


1. Adapt to most mobile phones, tablets, or other devices
2. Hidden clamping arm, easy to fix the device with one push and pull
3. Exquisite chuck, multi-angle arbitrary adjustment
4. Retractable aluminum alloy rod, suitable 
for different sitting heights
5. Heavy chassis, stable and not shaken