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Terms & Conditions

We, Us = Capital Connection (London) Ltd
You, Your = The customer

Product in question, given in for repair by the customer
- We will contact you by text for marketing purposes & regarding the repair of your handset. You can opt out by emailing
- We will not be held responsible for any loss of data or any financial loss you may incur whilst the equipment is in repair.
- Not all equipment can be repaired. If this is the case then there will be a min handling charge/fee of £30. Liquid ingress phones will also pay a min charge of £30 IF THE EQUIPMENT CANNOT BE REPAIRED
- We will not repair any stolen equipment. If the equipment is found to be stolen once the repair has commenced, you will have to pay the agreed price of the repair.
- All prices are estimates only and can change subject to parts availability & labour time required for the repair.
- Equipment may be returned to you failing to power up even if it powered up prior to repair. This can be due to liquid ingress or inappropriate use prior to repair.
- It is your responsibility to ensure the equipment is not stolen and that you have sufficient evidence to prove you are the owner of the handset
- All equipment must be collected within 10 working days from the collection date or it will be sold to a third party or recycled with no payout to the customer.
- We may use several third parties to repair the equipment and you consent for us to do so
- We recommend changing the chassis with every screen replacement for a good fitting of the screen. If you do not change the chassis, you increase the chance of breaking the screen again (especially if the chassis is damaged). You understand the risk if you do not change the chassis and will not be able to hold us responsible if the screen breaks after collection.
- You have checked the phone works as it should and release capital connection (london) limited from any liability on collection of the device
- We provide a 90 day warranty only on the repair carried out and no other fault that may have, has or will occur. 
- Charging port repairs do not have any warranty 
- You will lose the warranty provided by your manufacturer if you use us to carry out the repair on your equipment.
- All parts used to repair any equipment are replacement and not genuine unless otherwise stated in writing.  This means they will not perform as intended by the manufacturer and the quality will differ.
- If the equipment cannot be repaired, we will do our best to return it in the condition it came in as. There will be occasions where some components will not fit back to its original state. This means there will be signs on handsets to show it has been opened by us. 
- In rare occasions, repairing one part of a device can enhance pre-existing damage on components not directly associated with the component being repaired. This could cause irreparable damage and we take no responsibility for such damage
- We will try to test the equipment functions as intended before taking the handset in for repair, but cannot guarantee all functions will still be working when the handset is returned.
- The equipment will be released to whoever brings a copy of the ticket to the store. 
- All warranty work will carry a 30 day warranty from the date of warranty repair. Unless there is more than 30 days remaining on the original warranty, which will dictate the end date of the warranty.
- Your warranty will become void if there are any signs of wear on external components we have installed. This include's scratch marks on LCD's, frames and chassis's.
- You agree to the terms & conditions listed on our website at
​All logos are of their respective owners. terms and conditions apply to every offer and offers may be withdrawn without notice.

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