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Dobe - Handheld Switch Controller for Nintendo Switch & Switch OLED - Green & Blue


Enhance Your Gaming Experience


The Dobe Handheld Switch Controller is designed to elevate your gaming sessions. With its innovative features and comfortable design, it’s the perfect accessory for Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED users.


Direct Console Integration


Install your Switch game console directly onto the controller handle for seamless gameplay. The ergonomic design enhances your hand grip, allowing you to play comfortably for extended periods.


Automatic Connection


After inserting the Switch game console, the controller connects automatically (provided the handle upgrade switch is turned off). Say goodbye to complicated pairing processes!


Turbo Function


Need that extra boost? Activate the Turbo function for rapid button presses during intense gaming moments.


Screenshot Key


Capture epic in-game moments with the dedicated screenshot key. Share your victories with friends and on social media.


Six-Axis Gyroscope Gravity Sensing


Enjoy precise motion control with the built-in gyroscope. Tilt, twist, and turn your way through games effortlessly.


Customizable Key Functions


Personalize your gaming experience by programming custom key functions. Assign commands to specific buttons for quick access.


Dual Motor Vibration


Feel the action! The dual motor vibration provides tactile feedback, immersing you deeper into the game world.


Power Charge Input Interface


Keep your controller juiced up while playing. The Type C interface design supports charging during gameplay. Use the Switch original power adapter or a standard 15V PD power adapter.


Easy Installation


The Dobe Handheld Switch Controller is a breeze to install. Its novel appearance and beautiful structure complement your gaming setup.

Get ready to level up your gaming with the Dobe Handheld Switch Controller. Add it to your basket now!